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MovingMoving - Moving and packing tips information and links. Plus a checklist on what to do before you move. Also links & information to moving companies, moving trucks, moving boxes & moving truck rental, moving to Long Island...

If you're already moving to Long Island or thinking about moving their, we offer Long Island real estate websites, moving sites that move to Long Island and/or that offer quotes to move to that city/state. Moving to Long Island.

Moving to Long Island

If you're not too sure of what towns there are in Long Island you can go to the Long Island website to find out.

Moving to Long Island Real Estate Sites

Moving to Long Island, MLSLI Logo makes a wild claim that;

" is the BEST source for Long Island Real Estate information with the largest inventory of homes for sale in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens and Brooklyn / Kings County, New York. Long Island Real Estate"

Though I'm not sure that is true. They also say they've been in the business for 90 years so in theory they should be good if that is true.

They offer school information, home finance calculators, neighbourhood information about ages, income, crime, housing, schools and more to help you if you was thinking about moving to Long Island.

They also have lots more information about buying and selling, about Long Island itself & lots more.

Moving Sites

Moving to Long Island, Moving Market Logo

Moving Market isn't specifically based on moving to Long Island companies but it does allow you to get free quotes on local, long distance, commercial & international moving. You can select what zip you're moving from and the state and city you're moving to.

The international option is slightly different of course since you'll be moving country rather than moving to Long Island or another state.

Sorry for the lack of sites but we wasn't able to find any specific ones that moved to Long Island in particular.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Long Island - Long Island's Most Popular Web Site. Some FAQ's regarding moving to Long Island.

LIPA Publications - Population Surveys for Long Island.

Moving Scam - The TRUTH About the moving industry. Here are a list of blacklisted moving companies that have been repeatedly practicing scams against consumers. So if you're moving to Long Island you may want to check this list for any blacklisted in Long Island.

Choosing a Mover; Questions

Insurance Questions

  • What level of insurance is covered for the move?

    Estimate Questions

  • Will they perform a visual estimate?
  • Is the estimate binding or non binding?
  • How long is the estimate valid for?
  • What are the addictional weight charges?

    Company Questions

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Are they licensed to do moves in your state?
  • Are they a member of the BBB, AMSA etc?
  • How many trucks do they have?
  • Will the company perform the move, or is it just a broker?

    More questions on the above and more can be found here

    Moving to Long Island, 4 Counties Map

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