Chloe and Theo

Together they will change the world.

20151 h 21 min

A young woman, Chloe, living by her wits on the streets of New York City, has a chance meeting with a wise Inuit Eskimo, Theo, who was sent to New York by his elders to provide a message to the people of the world – We either change our destructive was or be destroyed by them. Chloe, who has been searching for something to believe in, becomes inspired by Theo and , with the help of a kind lawyer, Monica, the three of them present Theo’s story to the United Nations in hopes of creating a better future for all of us.

Title Chloe and Theo
Director Ezna Sands
Production Tiberius Film
Director of Photography
Writer Ezna Sands
Release Date 15 April 2015
Runtime 1 h 21 min
Tagline Together they will change the world.