Dance Academy

Hot Nights. Hot Music. Hot Moves.

19881 h 30 min

Blue-collar worker Vince stumbles into a dance school, where he quickly becomes entranced by the music. Miss McKenzie, the school's manager and former owner, is about to throw him out on his ear when Moon, the school's rebellious new jazz instructor, vouches for him. Although the school's new owner has insisted on bringing in Moon as a teacher, Miss McKenzie absolutely hates him and the influence of his mordern music, and will stop at nothing to see him (and Vince) thrown out for good.

Title Dance Academy
Director Ted Mather
Director of Photography Dennis Peters
Writer Guido De Angelis, Ted Mather
Release Date 16 September 1988
Runtime 1 h 30 min
Tagline Hot Nights. Hot Music. Hot Moves.
Genres: , ,